Witches in Fiction 2016 - Hope

        Let me tell you a little bit about Raquel. She is a young woman who lives in a small flat in London with three cats. She works as a temp, has food allergies and wears shoes that are a size too big. She has a big heart and an awkward laugh. I am very fond of Raquel and I try to take good care of her. I get her up on time, make sure she remembers to stock up on milk and I make her linger by a nice smelling flower just a moment longer than she would have herself. A couple of times I have lead her down streets where someone else has dropped some coins, or even a tenner. Maybe she thinks she's just lucky, I don't know. The cats know about me, of course. Cats always do.

To the woman two doors down, Raquel symbolizes freedom. The woman herself was married by the age of eighteen, and a mother three times over by twenty-five. As far as she's concerned her life was already over by then. But when she sees Raquel walking past her window in her colorful skirts, headphones in her ears, softly singing along, the older woman gets a glimpse of hope. It is always mixed with some regret, but the feeling reminds her that she is not dead yet. Nothing is too late. In a young man on the underground Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Raquel invokes curiosity and desire (and a small amount of fear). One morning he spotted her running down the steps while the tram doors were closing and he got in the way of them to give her three precious extra seconds. The smile Raquel gave him made the young man think about the future, about love.

Then who am I, you may ask? I don't have a name, but I have been called a number of things; Fate, coincidence, luck. I am not the hero of this story, I am simply a catalyst. I make sure my charges are where they need to be at any given time, but they are the ones who provide others with that ever important sense of meaning, of purpose. I have hundreds of charges all over the world but Raquel is something special, with the way she seems to instantly awaken other people's memories, dreams and desires. Just yesterday, she inspired a man to reach out to a daughter he hadn't spoken to in years, and she defused a fight between two sisters with that awkward laugh of hers. Aren't humans wondrous?


I love dear Magaly's Witches in Fiction's title this year:
Spelling Healing into a Rotting World. I wanted - nay, I needed - to write
something uplifting, hopeful. It's highly unusual for me (maybe I have run into
one of the charges..? ;)) so I'm unsure of the result, but I hope you liked it!
Now hop on over to her blog and the other participants' blogs,
and get your seasonal dose of healing words.



Haunted Humpday 6

Under normal circumstances I would have been done decorating weeks ago
and well on my way to planning All Hallows Eve's dinner menu by now.
But this cold I have isn't letting me go, and this October I have become
a furry mom once again, to a tiny little tortoise girl.

This is Buffy, the new addition to our family. She is a rescue,
found abandoned in someone's garden a week ago not far from here.
My guess is she's 7-8 weeks old, too young to be without her mama really,
but I am doing my best to be a surrogate. She is cuddly and adorable
one minute, to be totally silly or suddenly vicious in the next.
Someone pointed out that she has fall colors and it's so true :)

Unfortunately this year there won't be any Halloween family fiesta either
so decorating has taken a back seat to other things.
Though I have made a new friend recently and we might be going to a
horror/Halloween movie marathon extravaganza at the end of the month.

How will you guys be celebrating?
Happy Humpday everyone!
Please visit our hostess for more Halloween fun:




October horror watch list

I'm a total horror film buff, I watch horror/thrillers year 'round.
But October is special and the month leading up to Halloween
requires nightly sacrifices (of sleep). So here's my watch list so far:

1. Halloween (1978) - Overtly misogynistic, and still somehow a classic
2. Trick 'r Treat (2007) - I have this on dvd and watch it several times a year
3. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Excellent recent thriller
4. Lights Out (2016) - Good recent horror
5. May (2002) - One of my favorites of all time, totally cray-cray!
6. The Orphanage (2007) - If you like this one, check out Devil's Backbone
7. Fallen (1998) - This movie never seems to get old
8. The Craft (1996) - Re-watching for the first time in 20 years!
9. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Truly funny
10. The Devil's Backbone (2001) - A wonderful little surprise
11. The Loved Ones (2009) - Disturbing and kind of hilarious
12. Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Well, y'all know this one is a classic!
13. Holidays (2016) - Mainly to fill the nights
14. The Shining (1980) - Makes a proper horror film night
15. Lost Boys (1987) - Cute 80's guys, with fangs
16. Lake Mungo (2008) - Watching it tonight!

Do you have a watch list for October?
Any movies you'd like to recommend?
Let me know for my last two weeks of October horror!



Haunted Humpday 5 - spooky fall shows

I am very late to the party this year which means I've missed out on
the first four Haunted Humpdays - but I am joining in for the last three!
 For my first installment I thought I'd share my favorite spooky fall shows.

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare (season 6)

I am a big fan of AHS, although some seasons have been better (Coven, Hotel)
than others (Asylum, Freak Show). One of the show's biggest strengths is that
every season deals with a new story line, and new horrors, in a new setting.

Season 6 so far is presented as a reenacted/dramatized true story documentary,
about an interracial couple who move into an old haunted house in red neck country.
Troubling visions, burning corpses, ghosts, witches and Lost Colony lore - galore!

The AHS writers have always been a bit cooky in their gore but so far
this season has mostly been dark, although very entertaining and with great actors.
But the producers are hinting at a big turn around mid-season, and I can't wait.

 Dead of summer

I was pleasantly surprised to find this new 80's throw back horror series airing
on Swedish television. Not only does it manage to pack in Satanic rituals,
dark history, masked murderers, ghostly visions and campy gore
- it also makes the viewer care about the characters by providing
interesting back stories and realistic developments.

 If you are a horror fan you will enjoy the homage to various
old horror movies. If you are a feminist you will appreciate
the character and gender diversity, and interesting female leads.

The Exorcist

We're only 3 episodes in, but so far the show exceeds my expectations.
I never cared for the 1973 movie because as an atheist, religious superstitions
just don't scare me (but I love the movie Constantine). But the international cast,
eerie atmosphere and creepy possession scenes work, and the writers
have changed the characters and story line just enough to pique my interest.

I also thought I'd quickly mention a couple of 2016 horror movies
I've seen recently (since my last 'quick hits') that you may want to put
on your October horror watch list (if you have one):

10 Cloverfield Lane is a suspenseful and well acted movie.
The less you read about it before viewing the better!

Lights Out is a pretty standard horror movie with a scary entity
terrorizing a family, but well done (and plus for cute guy :)).

Holidays is an anthology and by no means a masterpiece,
but some of the short stories are entertaining.


Make sure to visit our fabulous hostess for more Halloween fun!
Next week I hope to have fought off this nasty cold and gotten
my house in order, so I can share some of my seasonal decor with you.

Happy Humpday!


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