Spring assignment: Whiter and Lighter

I hope you are all having a great Easter/Ostara and that you are
getting some time off to regroup and eat some good food!
After I've given that last egg a proper spicy snaps chaser
it's time to embark on the Whiter and Lighter assignment for April.
(Scroll down for rules and regulations). Here are my intentions:

1. To cut down on caffeine and alcohol by half.
I have a sensitive stomach, a propensity for migraine-like headaches,
a life-long depression and a sleeping problem. It's pretty straight forward :)
There is no coke or wine left in the house now, so here I go!

2. To do more of what makes me happy. ('Cause I frickin' deserve it!)
On my 'feel good'-list are such things as planting seeds, doing yoga at home,
sewing, painting and being creative, baking, cooking and eating good food,
taking road-trips, watching good movies and shows, and visiting flea markets.

My depression sometimes gets in the way of me being healthy
 since my brain doesn't offer me any reward for "good" behavior.
So I have a feeling this isn't gonna be as easy as it sounds
- but then it wouldn't be a challenge, would it?

 Now it's your turn! What do you want to change,
or really get done, during the month of April?
 I'm looking forward to reading you guys' posts!

If you'd like to join, here are the guidelines:

  1. In the first week of April,
write a blog post sharing your intentions.
 This assignment is about spring cleaning or cleansing, 
on the inside or the outside. Whether you want to cut down
on sugar or alcohol, get back into therapy, clean your house
or lose some weight - you are welcome to join!

2. Use the image/button above and link to this post,
then leave a comment to this post and link back to yours.
On the day also please visit the other participants 
and leave encouraging comments to related posts!

3. (Optional) Post a few updates throughout April if you'd like,
telling us how you're doing. Please try to visit and comment on
other participant's blogs while you're at it. Everything gets easier
with a little encouragement - and a sense of community :)

4. The final round-up will be on Tuesday the 30th of April,
when we will post and share one last time. How did we do?
Do we feel cleaner and lighter? And; where do we go now?
Comment on my post on that day, with a link back to your own post.
Then visit the other participants and share in their experiences,
triumphs or defeats! (Shaming is obviously not allowed. Think LOVE.)

Glad Påsk/Happy Easter/Ostara, and I hope to see you here!


14 kommentarer:

  1. Happy Easter/Ostara to you too, Ms. Misantropia!

    Your list of things to do to make yourself happy sounds like my list, except for the seed planting (not much of a gardener) and the yoga (not much of an exerciser). ;o)

    I wish you much success with you and your participant's challenges. As for me, I'll be happy if I continue to lose at every Weight Watcher's weekly weigh-in! :D

    1. Oh, Kundalini yoga can sometimes hardly be considered exercise - it's a lot of chanting and meditating ;)
      Good luck on your weigh-in's!

  2. Merry Ostara to you :)

    You do deserve to be happy! Your list sounds like a great way to reward yourself, I can't wait to see some of your triumphs-- it would be wonderful to see some of the things you create.

    I also get so down that I can't ever seem to gather the inspiration or motivation to do anything. The feeling is worse now than it was when I commented on your last W&L post.
    But I will try my hardest =S

    1. Yes, it is difficult to muster up the energy sometimes. It's easier just to crawl under the covers and comfort eat and drink instead...
      I'm sorry you are feeling worse, I hope it turns around soon!

    2. Here is my intentions post:


  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Easter and Happy Everyday ('Cause you frickin' deserve it!)

  4. Lycka till med dina mål, att göra fler saker för dig själv som du gillar är ju riktigt bra, alla borde ha den inställningen ^^
    Här är min post: http://lesthi.blogspot.se/2013/03/spring-cleansing.html

    1. Tack och ja, en glömmer lätt vilka saker som faktiskt får en att må bättre, istället för sådant man måste göra, eller gör på ren rutin.

  5. Happy Ostara, darling! I'm in! Here's my intention post:


    Be prepared for lots of updates from us -- Ed's included in this assignment because we are doing it together -- and an end of month virtual garage sale! WAHOO! Thanks for the kick in the pants! MUAH!

  6. Here is my link, lady! Better late than never, eh?


    1. Absolutely, you are very welcome! I noticed I'm not the only one full of good intentions but still lacking some of the needed energy to really get going. But a slow start is ok when you have a month to go :)

  7. It's always inspiring reading people's goals and their journeys towards achieving them. Best of luck with yours. I hope you'll be feeling a lot happier soon because you absolutely "frickin' deserve it". :)


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