Final assignment post - and a GIVEAWAY!

Well guys, the Whiter and Lighter assignment is drawing to a close!
I hope you have been able to take care of yourselves during this month,
maybe gotten some stuff done or come to some insights about old habits.
Myself, I have definitely learned some things, about habits and about myself.

Cutting down on sugary drinks have made me think more about my
sugar intake in general, and limiting my alcohol intake has taught me
a few things about both my body and mind. Since I already talked about these
things in earlier weekly assignment updates, I won't rehash them again.
But one other thing I did not even consider before I did this (very mild) cleansing
was how much water all that sugar and alcohol made me retain!
I feel more like myself now, and I will continue trying to keep track.

Regarding the second item on my list of intentions for April;
Creativity, cleaning and doing more of what makes me happy,
I might not have not been quite as rigorous as I would have liked.
April has been a low point for me mood wise, and I've been low on funds.
 Though, I have done some sewing, I cleaned out the bathroom sewer pipes,
I planted and replanted our vegetables, I cleaned the fridge, and a few days ago
I picked up a paint roller and painted the remaining tiles in the kitchen PURPLE :)

As promised, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY for the finale!
For one lucky random participant I have put together a pamper pack
that contains an assortment of incense sticks, an incense holder,
two lovely scented votives and a bar of French vanilla soap.

To enter the GIVEAWAY, and to finish off the assignment,
please follow this last set of guidelines:

1. By April 30th at the latest, write a final assignment post
on your blog. What did you set out to do, and how did you do?
It doesn't matter whether you got sidetracked along the way
or did something different - all updates are welcome :)
2. Leave a comment to this post and link back to your own post
- and you are automatically entered in the GIVEAWAY.
I will draw the winner already on May 1st!
3. Visit the other participants and share in, and comment on,
their experiences, triumphs or defeats! 

I would like to thank everyone who participated in Whiter and Lighter,
and especially everyone who shared the link on blogs and in posts!
Now I would love to hear about how you guys have been doing :)


12 kommentarer:

  1. Vilka fina priser. Det är synd att jag inte kunde medverka i den här utmaningen. Min april och hela vintern har varit bedrövlig :( Jag ska blogga om det idag, har inte kunnat prata om det förrän nu.

    1. Så tråkigt att höra, men skönt att det håller på att reda ut sig!

  2. April seems like a tricky month for many; it's that transitional kind of month that somehow manages to make things seem harder than they should be.

    But I liked your challenge, it really helped me to become more aware of things that were easily fixed but would've otherwise been left ignored because of other larger issues at hand; so thank you!

    Here's my final update! =)


    1. You're very welcome! But it is true, April is tricky. I have been feeling down yet restless, inspired yet depressed.

  3. Hey it only took me a month to write my second post! I still can't believe May is just a day and some hours away, time has been in a rush, hasn't it? I've gotten a lot done. My writing archives and many clerical issues I took care of should be very grateful to you ;-)

    Here's my final post: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2013/03/spring-assignment-whiter-and-lighter.html

    1. I know, for me May is when summer starts - but the snow only just disappeared here! Btw, we celebrate bonfire night tomorrow, do you guys do the same?

  4. Whew! What a freaking month!!! It was WAY TOO crazy and intense for me, but I did manage to get some solid cleaning done. I actually tackled the one project that I just didn't want to deal with ... not too shabby.


    1. I hear you. Serious cleaning is... serious :) I have just started my kitchen renovation plans back up. They've been dormant for a few months...

  5. Det låter som du har åstadkommit en hel del under denna månad tycker jag i alla fall :D

    Häääär kommer min update, wohoo! http://lesthi.blogspot.se/2013/04/assignment-update-3.html

    1. Ja, när man listar det sådär så ser det ändå ut att vara en del :) Och så har jag dragit igång mitt köksprojekt igen, det känns jätteskönt!

  6. So glad that the seeds for continued health and future growth have been planted within you this month! It's amazing how much this exercise has helped me stay focused on improving my life. I have to thank you for being the impetus for a GREAT change in my life. It would've happened anyway, I know, but thanks to this exercise, I was watching for it and saw it for what it was when it happened. Many thanks and much love and light to you!

    1. I am so glad this assignment was inspiring for you, and that you were able to make some changes for the better! It has been great discovering your blog :)


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